Video Games

Game on!

After you’re done with a game of golf, or perhaps beforehand, while you’re waiting for family and friends to meet you, take the opportunity to play some of the fun games in our game room. Game room is free with golf purchase!

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

Also known as Dancing Stage, this game debuted in 1998, incorporating music and – of course – dance.


A game originating in Japan that came out in 1994. It only does everything!

Golden Knight pinball machine

This game came out in 1980 and was one of the first to use electromagnets. Make sure to come in with your best game on because the evil knight will laugh at you if you lose!


This 2006 release can detect motion. If you didn’t get enough of a workout from golf, this could be your answer!

Ms. Pac-Man

Released in 1982 to North America, this game introduced a female character into the Pac-Man world.

Xbox 360

Released in 2005, theis video game console is not only widely popular throughout the world, it also received glowing reviews from the media.


This classic game console was released in North America 1983 and brought back the video game industry. Nintendo didn’t look like a children’s game; instead, Nintendo showed the world video games weren’t a fad and were here to stay. We couldn’t be happier!